Heath Robbins
Interior Design
Through my work as a set designer, the natural transition was exploring interiors and renovations. One request for 'assistance' led to other clients and soon I was spending a great deal of time at work sites both residential and commercial. My consultation usually includes getting to know the needs of a family or organization, reviewing architectural plans and discussing options and considerations with budget and design style in mind, The goal is always to foresee any unexpressed space needs or design desires before the project moves forward. 
The spaces I like to create have been designed with  consideration to how the rooms will be used, who be using them, and materials that will stand the test of time.
I work with builders, landscape architects, and kitchen bath designers to  resource finishing products including hardware, lighting, stone, flooring, tile etc.
I resource furniture both interior and exterior, garden,art and soft furnishings. I will complete projects styling shelving, tables and nooks.
I also research and design closets, storage and unique architectural details such a found doors and repurposed flooring.
Retail and Publishing
Having started my career as an In-house Art/Creative Director, I have a passion for the whole creatIve process.  
My work includes sets for television spots, sets for instructional television, room sets for retail home furnishings, soft styling, tabletop, lifestyle, kids and home.
My clients travel to locations all over the country, Canada, and tropical islands, setting the stage for fashion catalogs and magazine 'home' stories . I have wrangled babies, puppies and goats for the right shot. I love to find the the perfect prop, furniture and color to transform spaces. 
Consultation is also offered for retail and  commercial settings to research design and construction materials to compliment architectural elements. I work directly with architects and store designers to find products and finishes that best reflect my clients' brands and vision.
Trade Shows, Showrooms and Decor
I manage, hire, and work with Design Teams for both Trade Shows and 'Fashion Week' Showrooms. Giving industrial spaces life, color, and communicating 'Brand' is an exhilarating design challenge. My services include design, purchasing, production hands on booth set-up, mannequin assembly, display, and styling.
Event planning I leave to the professional 'Planners' and have a associates in Boston & New York who cater to Celebrity, Bridal and Corporate clients. I source, generate themes, assist props, centerpieces,floral and furnishings including trays, tables and unique seating.
Seasonal Decor for Boston Based Corporate, Retail, Restaurant and active residential clients are a part of this domain.

Trends and Product Development
Concepting and Rebranding is the process of change and refreshing retail and catalog companies. Trend  and Color research, Moodboards and Product development are an extension of that process. I work with Product developers, Creative Directors and Buyers to find inspirational images, colors, textures, patterns and products to communicate with their teams. Seeing hallmarks from a trend and gathering inspirational images often helps the teams see where their brand fits into the big picture and what is needed to round out their inventory.. From a shared visual they can tailor their products and designs so a line or number of product lines make sense as an offering.
Photostyling for Architects and Realtors
Services are available for furnishing homes for photography for Architects and Realtors.  Rentals, Production and Consultation are estimated on a per project basis. 
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