About Me:
I am an East Coast based Design Consultant/Stylist, whose diverse portfolio, includes projects in the home,retail, residential and commercial sectors . I respect individual style, and brand identity.
My years of experience working with creative teams on camera, in studios and on job sites has enabled me to see all sides of the creative process. I have concepted and been on camera with some of the most influential creatives in the field.
My understanding of lighting, the camera, printing, editing, budget, style, fiber,color, design and construction come from years of study and work rewards.
I truly care about the outcome of time invested in a project and will go to great lengths to make sure clients are satisfied and materials are respected.
My aesthetic combines old and new, bright with dull, slick shine with rustic texture.  I love many styles and trends. 
My education includes Interior & Industrial Design study foundations at Purdue University, a BFA from the University of Massachusetts and several post courses in Graphic Design at New England School of Art & Design. Additionally, I enjoy Fiber Arts classes with Fiber Artists learning dying, felting, embellishment, design and stitching techniques. My artistic passion has lead me to teach and mentor art and design with adults at risk.